Dark Lover


Without Losing Yourself 
Or Wasting Years
On Endless Healing Work

The Dark Lover’s Chamber

Day 1
The One Think That Will Kill Your Chance At Lasting Love

Day 2
How To Be Fully Sovereign In Your Relationship, ALWAYS Get Your Needs Met… And More!

Day 3
The Limits of “Self-Love” And What To Do Instead To Break Through Your Intimacy Blocks

Day 4
Why Healing Work Makes Relationships Manageable But Not Magical

Day 5
The Key To Creating Deep And Lasting Love That No-One Is Talking About

The Original Dark Lovers

Samantha Dunnage

In submission to her genius she goes wherever her turn-on takes her.
Putting herself first, no matter what that looks like.
Her codes will rock you to your core.
If you are willing to sacrifice your value and worth,
she will guide you into embodying your
deepest, darkest desires.

Dark love is the most sacred love of all.

Andy Muckett

He has no set purpose and so is free to wander the world choosing what to make matter.
His deep stillness and presence hold unfathomable power.
His magic –  raw and unfiltered.
With no allegiance to the tribe, he animates the core tone of Dynamonix.
Deep, unshakeable self-loyalty.

No. Fucking. Compromise.

Dark Lover

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