For Those With The Guts To Sell High-End.

Premium prospects are everywhere, waiting to hand over ridiculous amounts of money.

But they won’t cross your palm with silver while you are sweating self-doubt and servitude.

They are looking for an Enigma.

A worthy match for their dominance.

Someone stunning.

If they think you are it, they will test you.

They push… do you fall?

They pull… do you chase?

Or do you stand your ground. 

The master of your own game.

The truth is they would be insane not to pay you.

Your only job is to know it.



26th March 2022

One Day of Group Activation To Unleash Your Beast


The Pre-Game

Livestreams & Q&A Between Now And The 26th March.
Bring All Of Your Sales Challenges To Be Slayed.


Life-Time Access To Recordings.

Investment £755



When I look at you I see pure genius.

You are one-of-a-kind.


So doesn’t it makes sense that you get to name your price?