Your heart stops still.
The world fades.
Nothing matters but this moment.
True love.

Maybe you’ve experienced this moment in real life, or just in your dreams. 
Either way… are you wondering wtf happened? 

Nothing went wrong exactly.

True love is still there waiting for you.
It’s just that you stopped living in the moment.

You went back to tribal/survival consciousness where the past and future matter more.
You chose safety, protection and control.
You chose to compromise for an easy life.

This is your invitation to come back home to yourself and experience
true, pure, unadulterated, unfiltered, unconditional, 
unshakable…devastatingly gorgeous love.

True Love is just a decision away.


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Your Divine Escorts

Samantha Dunnage

The Dark Lover

In submission to her genius she goes wherever her turn-on takes her.
Putting herself first, no matter what that looks like.
Her codes will rock you to your core.
If you are willing to sacrifice your value and worth,
she will guide you into embodying your
deepest, darkest desires.

Dark love is the most sacred love of all.

Andy Muckett

The Aimless Wanderer

He has no set purpose and so is free to wander the world choosing what to make matter.
His deep stillness and presence hold unfathomable power.
His magic –  raw and unfiltered.
With no allegiance to the tribe, he animates the core tone of Dynamonix.
Deep, unshakeable self-loyalty.

No. Fucking. Compromise.

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